Training For Model Rocketeers (TFM)


The Gold Level sticker

TFM Level System

The IMR-TFM program includes 3 levels to train rocketry skills to model rocketeers:

  • IMR-TFM Bronze Level: The entry level to train skills with available rocket kits and ready-to-fly models with different recovery systems.
  • IMR-TFM Silver Level: In this level, rocketeers will construct own models and archive time-limited flights.
  • IMR-TFM Gold Level: For the last step, a payload model will be construced and flown to launch a payload successfully.

Members will document flights with fotos and send the documentary to the IMR-TFM team. After successfully completing the program, they will be awarded with a certificate and a special sticker.

For High Power rocketeers, the IMR offers a HPR certification program.

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