About the IMR

The IMR - Interessengemeinschaft Modellraketen (Model Rocketry Syndicate) is an registered and recognized European rocketry head organization for German-speaking rocketeers in countries and areas such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and others. It is the only true cross-European model rocketry organization.

The IMR was founded in February 2003. The IMR covers both model rocketry as well as high-power rocketry and related topics such as water and amateur-/experimental rocketry. The IMR membership is available to single members, local clubs and rocketry-related companies.

The IMRIMR programs are developed to serve members locally in all membership areas. For example, as a service, membership/insurance fees and shop orders may be transfered to local bank accounts across the European Union and Switzerland. Programs such as the HPR certification are localized to national standards.

The IMR is organizing national and international rocketry events. Everyone may participate in public events - pls. look frequently to this page to find English informations regarding our events (pls. note that, specially to local restrictions, we may held some events for members only!). The IMR helps to develop the hobby by representing it in the public, e.g. fairs, and deals with the press and government authorities.

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